• 6/25/2024 -
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  • OmidFanar Industrial Company
  • OmidFanar Industrial Company
  • OmidFanar Industrial Company


OmidFanar Industrial Co., as the oldest springs manufacturer in the state, has the mission to plan and implement their processing and proceedings in a way that:

  • 1-The production of all types of springs demanded by clients, have to come under 3 major principles of Quality, Price & Lead time, to meet satisfaction of clients.
  • 2-Quality management systems have to be felt current in all the levels of the organization.
  • 3-Maximum productivity, avoiding wastage of company resources, obtaining logical profit margin, to be part of its manifest.
  • 4-Leading to elevated knowledge level and staff motivations assuring of safety health of staff is saved.
  • 5-Values demands of the society to be considered all the way.