• 3/4/2024 -
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  • OmidFanar Industrial Company
  • OmidFanar Industrial Company
  • OmidFanar Industrial Company


  • - Production shop started in traditional method, to supply to OEM, Motorcycle manufacturers, Agricultural industries. 

  • Established the Plant on 6’000 m² plot.

  • Established the Headquarters for 50 m².

  • -Plant went under Commissioning & Operation of producing various kinds of Compression, Tension & Torsion springs sizes 0.2  to  7.0 mm.

  • Head offices expanded to 150 m².

  •  Being Capable of manufacuring product using Alloyed steel
    and production range was expanded from 0.1  to  12 mm 

  • Improved the production  up to 20 mm.

  • Plant area expansion to 12’000 m², aiming to supply the demands of local OEM.

  • Empowering the plant to produce Clutch & Engine Valve Springs.

  • Implementation of MIS system between the plant and the Headquarters, for a coordinated exchange of data.

  • Head offices expansion to 250 m².

  • Commissioning of independent Suspension Springs production line  equipped with CNC technology.

  • Commissioning of  independent Engine Valve Springs production line equipped with CNC.

  • Expansion of Headquarters on 4 levels & 1’250 m².

  • Plant area expansion to 18’000m².

  • Commissioning of the 2nd. Suspension Springs production line along with Semi-automatic powder electrostatic painting line. 

  • Commissioning of Spacers production line.