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Providing Design and production services through updated software including IST, based on spring’s specific working condition.

-Specific design of “Racings” & “Off-road” suspension springs.
-Designed & Produced EF7 (Nationally Designed Engine), Valve Engine Springs approved by German FEV, for SAPCO.
-Designed & Produced Twist Beam Axel spring for SAPCO.
-Designed & Produced Capsule Opening System spring, for “Space Extrusions” research center.
-Designed & Produced Electrical Vehicle Springs for “Faravari & Sakht Co.

MODIFICATIONS implemented in design of springs, as per the clients:

-OHVG Valve Springs
˗Pre-damper Clutch Springs
˗Rebound Springs
˗“TIBA” Back Trunk Springs
˗“LIFAN” Back Trunk Springs

Designed & Produced different springs through Reverse Engineering Method, meeting standards & codes.

-“HAIMA” Axel Springs for SAPCO.
-“Suzuki - Vitara” Axel Spring for SAPCO.
-“Dong Feng” Axel Springs for SAPCO.
-“Brilliance” Axel Springs for SAZEGOSTAR (SAIPA Engineering & Parts Supply).

Designed & Produced “Specific Production & Control” machineries & equipment:

-“Sorting Machine” for Wipers Springs.
-“Force Based Sorting Machine” for Suspension Springs.
-“Testing Equipments” such as: “Ford Tank Tester”, “Layer Blister Tester”, “Resistance against floating in oil Tester”.
-“Control Gauges” & “Spring related Fixtures”.
-Computed Tests Uncertainty Scores Calculations, related to springs, for the 1st. time in the Country, and programming of applicable software in springs tests.
-“Specialized Tooling for Production.
-Semi-automated Electrostatic Painting Line.

EF7 Engine 1% Fuel Consumption Reduction with Valve Spring New Design by Omidfanar Industrial Company

Omidfanar Industrial Company R&D and Engineering departments, has submitted his suggestion on new design for EF7 Engine valve springs to Irankhodro engine research center and after initial studies samples being made. As result and based on Irankhodro engine research center laboratory, EF7 engine fuel consumption in a NEDC cycle has faced with 1% reduction in fuel consumption which provides saving around 2,600,000 liters gasoline per year.